F.E. Manning Associates
...Honesty, Integrity and Commitment.




At F.E. Manning Associates we do not discriminate. We maintain high ethical standards and always treat our candidates, as well as our employers, with respect and concern for their confidentiality.

We believe in open and direct communication. We are always responsive to our candidates and employers and seek to achieve a clear understanding of both their needs and requirements. We make our best effort to keep all parties fully informed of information necessary to a successful transaction.

We view our working relationships as fiduciary in nature. Each search is handled with discretion and sensitivity as to the privacy of the candidate and the employer. Information received by our firm is never released or discussed beyond the scope of our recruiting activities.

Resumes are never shared outside of our firm unless completely authorized by the candidate.

Our employer's identities remain anonymous until a qualified candidate has been identified and found to be interested in the position. We are especially attentive to the nature of "confidential replacements."


Rick Manning, President--Phone: 818.832.3249--Email: rm@femanning.com