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Our Services

We at F.E. Manning Associates believe in treating our candidates with the personal attention they deserve. We listen to what they have to say and are attentive to matching their requirements. Our candidates are always fully informed and well briefed regarding the opportunities we present. In addition to supplying job descriptions we always do our best to offer the subjective information obtained directly from the hiring manager, so they have critical insight into the significant needs of the job, as well as relevant background history on the position and the company. We strive to furnish our candidates with all the information necessary to make the right decision for themselves.

For Our Candidates

For Our Clients

We at F.E. Manning Associates deliver candidates that match exact qualifications. We go beyond the objective requirements thoroughly screening our candidates to provide our employers with individuals that also possess the soft skills that truly fulfill their needs and meet their expectations.

We conduct our searches on a contingency basis at a reasonable rate with a written guarantee. Once the decision is taken to make an offer, we check the candidate's references tailored to the request of the employer, including academic verification.  Whenever possible, a preliminary reference is furnished.

Rick Manning, President--Phone: 818.832.3249--Email: rm@femanning.com